Module Archi

Architecture-dependent parameters for MPPA KVX. Mostly copied from the Risc-V backend

Require Import ZArith List.
Require Import Binary Bits.

Definition ptr64 := true.

Definition big_endian := false.

Definition align_int64 := 8%Z.
Definition align_float64 := 8%Z.

Definition splitlong := false.

Lemma splitlong_ptr32: splitlong = true -> ptr64 = false.
  unfold splitlong. congruence.

FIXME - Check the properties below

Section 7.3: "Except when otherwise stated, if the result of a floating-point operation is NaN, it is the canonical NaN. The canonical NaN has a positive sign and all significand bits clear except the MSB, a.k.a. the quiet bit." We need to extend the choose_binop_pl functions to account for this case.

Definition default_nan_64 := (false, iter_nat 51 _ xO xH).
Definition default_nan_32 := (false, iter_nat 22 _ xO xH).

Definition choose_nan_64 (l: list (bool * positive)) : bool * positive :=
  match l with nil => default_nan_64 | n :: _ => n end.

Definition choose_nan_32 (l: list (bool * positive)) : bool * positive :=
  match l with nil => default_nan_32 | n :: _ => n end.

Definition fpu_returns_default_qNaN := false.

Lemma choose_nan_64_idem: forall n,
  choose_nan_64 (n :: n :: nil) = choose_nan_64 (n :: nil).
auto. Qed.

Lemma choose_nan_32_idem: forall n,
  choose_nan_32 (n :: n :: nil) = choose_nan_32 (n :: nil).
auto. Qed.

Definition fma_order {A: Type} (x y z: A) := (x, z, y).

Definition fma_invalid_mul_is_nan := false.
Definition float_of_single_preserves_sNaN := false.

Global Opaque ptr64 big_endian splitlong
              default_nan_64 choose_nan_64
              default_nan_32 choose_nan_32
              fma_order fma_invalid_mul_is_nan

Whether to generate position-independent code or not

Parameter pic_code: unit -> bool.

Definition has_notrap_loads := true.