Module ImpCore

Impure monad for interface with impure code

Require Export Program.
Require Export ImpConfig.

Definition wlp {A:Type} (k: t A) (P: A -> Prop): Prop
  := forall a, mayRet k a -> P a.

Module Notations.

  Bind Scope impure_scope with t.
  Delimit Scope impure_scope with impure.

  Notation "?? A" := (t A) (at level 0, A at level 95): impure_scope.

  Notation "k '~~>' a" := (mayRet k a) (at level 75, no associativity): impure_scope.

  Notation "'RET' a" := (ret a) (at level 0): impure_scope.

  Notation "'DO' x '<~' k1 ';;' k2" := (bind k1 (fun x => k2))
    (at level 55, k1 at level 53, x at level 99, right associativity): impure_scope.

  Notation "k1 ';;' k2" := (bind k1 (fun _ => k2))
    (at level 55, right associativity): impure_scope.

  Notation "'WHEN' k '~>' a 'THEN' R" := (wlp k (fun a => R))
    (at level 73, R at level 100, right associativity): impure_scope.

  Notation "'ASSERT' P" := (ret (A:=P) _) (at level 0, only parsing): impure_scope.

End Notations.

Import Notations.
Local Open Scope impure.

Goal ((?? list nat * ??nat -> nat) = ((?? ((list nat) * ?? nat) -> nat)))%type.
  apply refl_equal.

Lemma wlp_unfold A (k:??A)(P: A -> Prop):
   (forall a, k ~~> a -> P a)
    -> wlp k P.

Lemma wlp_monotone A (k:?? A) (P1 P2: A -> Prop):
    wlp k P1
    -> (forall a, k ~~> a -> P1 a -> P2 a)
    -> wlp k P2.
  unfold wlp; eauto.

Lemma wlp_forall A B (k:?? A) (P: B -> A -> Prop):
   (forall x, wlp k (P x))
    -> wlp k (fun a => forall x, P x a).
  unfold wlp; auto.

Lemma wlp_ret A (P: A -> Prop) a:
   P a -> wlp (ret a) P.
    unfold wlp.
    intros H b H0.
    rewrite <- (mayRet_ret _ a b H0).

Lemma wlp_bind A B (k1:??A) (k2: A -> ??B) (P: B -> Prop):
  wlp k1 (fun a => wlp (k2 a) P) -> wlp (bind k1 k2) P.
    unfold wlp.
    intros H a H0.
    case (mayRet_bind _ _ _ _ _ H0); clear H0.
    intuition eauto.

Lemma wlp_ifbool A (cond: bool) (k1 k2: ?? A) (P: A -> Prop):
 (cond=true -> wlp k1 P) -> (cond=false -> wlp k2 P) -> wlp (if cond then k1 else k2) P.
  destruct cond; auto.

Lemma wlp_letprod (A B C: Type) (p: A*B) (k: A -> B -> ??C) (P: C -> Prop):
  (wlp (k (fst p) (snd p)) P)
    -> (wlp (let (x,y):=p in (k x y)) P).
  destruct p; simpl; auto.

Lemma wlp_sum (A B C: Type) (x: A+B) (k1: A -> ??C) (k2: B -> ??C) (P: C -> Prop):
  (forall a, x=inl a -> wlp (k1 a) P) ->
  (forall b, x=inr b -> wlp (k2 b) P) ->
     (wlp (match x with inl a => k1 a | inr b => k2 b end) P).
  destruct x; simpl; auto.

Lemma wlp_sumbool (A B:Prop) (C: Type) (x: {A}+{B}) (k1: A -> ??C) (k2: B -> ??C) (P: C -> Prop):
  (forall a, x=left a -> wlp (k1 a) P) ->
  (forall b, x=right b -> wlp (k2 b) P) ->
     (wlp (match x with left a => k1 a | right b => k2 b end) P).
  destruct x; simpl; auto.

Lemma wlp_option (A B: Type) (x: option A) (k1: A -> ??B) (k2: ??B) (P: B -> Prop):
  (forall a, x=Some a -> wlp (k1 a) P) ->
  (x=None -> wlp k2 P) ->
     (wlp (match x with Some a => k1 a | None => k2 end) P).
  destruct x; simpl; auto.

Ltac introcomp :=
  let a:= fresh "exta" in
  let H:= fresh "Hexta" in
  intros a H.

Ltac wlp_decompose :=
    apply wlp_ret
 || apply wlp_bind
 || apply wlp_ifbool
 || apply wlp_letprod
 || apply wlp_sum
 || apply wlp_sumbool
 || apply wlp_option

Ltac apply_wlp_hint hint :=
    eapply wlp_monotone;
      [ hint; fail | idtac ] ;
      simpl; introcomp.

Ltac wlp_step hint :=
    match goal with
      | |- (wlp _ _) =>
        || apply_wlp_hint hint
        || (apply wlp_unfold; introcomp)

Ltac wlp_xsimplify hint :=
    repeat (intros; subst; wlp_step hint; simpl; (tauto || hint)).

Create HintDb wlp discriminated.

Ltac wlp_simplify := wlp_xsimplify ltac:(intuition eauto with wlp).